North American Stadiums (Milkweed Editions, 2018 - NOW AVAILABLE)


Joyland Magazine - “How to Sink a Boat”

Chicago Reader - “The Accountant”


The Paris Review - "Lost Glass" 

Kenyon Review - “Bottle Fly”

Prairie Schooner - “The Older Boys” (forthcoming Winter 2019)

Two Peach - Three Poems

Boulevard - “Even on the Worst Days”

Nashville Review - “Spring Garden”

Quarterly West - “A Known Fact”

Birdfeast - “Orange Street”

The Iowa Review - "What I Like Most about our Fights"

The Adroit Journal - "Sphinx"
                                             "A Summer"

Superstition Review - "Stopping the War"

Iowa Review Online - "A Story About the Moon"

Nashville Review - "Dragons"

Diode Poetry Journal - "Blue Handgun"  

Diode Poetry Journal - "Calaveras" + "Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, 1966"

The Adroit Journal - "The Leavings" 

Forklift, Ohio - "Far Rockaway"

The Cortland Review - "Sunday Morning

New Ohio Review - "Zenyatta" 

Tinderbox Poetry Journal - "Jack-knife" + "Bands You Might Have Liked if You
Were Still Alive

The Common Online - "Between Stations in a Chicago Train Car, I Think of Home"

Midwestern Gothic - "Another Beauty I Remember"

The Coffin Factory - "Picasso in Milwaukee" 

Ninth Letter - "Explaining the Resurrection in Simple Words" + "Syracuse, October" + "The Life" 

Cimarron Review - "Swing" 

Barrow Street - "When to Say 'I Love You,' the First Time" + "Codes"

Devil's Lake - "Dispatch: Bamyan, Helmand, Baghlan, Ghor, 2008


The Adroit Journal - Interview w/ Caitlin Lorraine Johnson

Poets & Writers Magazine - 10Q4 Interview

Superstition Review - Authors Talk (on war, protest, and being a teenager)

Entropy Mag - Dinnerview  (thoughts on food)